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Rear End Assemblies

Cone Industries offers complete Floater Rear End assemblies. Our standard rear assembly consists of new Trac-9 center housings with 3 X ¼ wall 4130 tubes, billet 7075 hard anodized hubs, 35 or 40 spline drive plates and axles. Some popular options include rear truss, top and bottom brackets, leaf spring mounts, heat treated tubes, 4130 center housing, fill and vent ports, and gun drilled axles, just to name a few.

Cone Industries also offers a larger rear end to suit the needs of higher horse power and larger tires. Standard features are 4130 Trac-9 housing larger heat treated 3½ X 5/16 4130 tubes, 4130 rear truss, wider bearing spacing on hubs, drive shoulder studs. Popular bolt patterns 5 on 5.5 and 6 on 6.5, 46 spline gun drilled are standard as are brake rotors up to 14.0 diameter.

Cone Industries NOW has available a completely new 9 style Rear End Housing that accepts popular 10 gear sets. The Cone H.D. Housing is aimed at the Trick Truck or Trophy Truck or other high abuse markets. Cone H.D. Rear Housing features, Solid Modeling Cad Design. Full 4130 construction, 4" 1/4 wall tubes, down to fill & vent fitting, completely welded inside and out with 4130 rod. Any brackets, standard or custom. Customer can supply samples, Cad files, or just an idea. After Fabrication is complete. The complete assembly is stress relieved and Heat Treated an Industry First. After Heat Treat the unit is machined for a perfect 3rd member fit. No more drilling out holes or using a hammer for installation!!!

Cone Industries offers a 35 spline constant velocity style drive plate, used in conjunction with a cambered snout up to 2 degrees misalignment for camber or toe in or both!! Combined with heat treated housing tubes, gun drilled axles, lightweight brake assembly, and aluminum 3rd member. THIS IS THE HOT SET UP in pro lite short course trucks!

Cone Industries skid plate is a one piece lazar cut formed design, welded to a 3/8" C.N.C. machined mounting bracket. After fabrication the whole assembly is Heat Treated, plated and ready for a life time of abuse.


Cone Industries offers many front hub combinations!! We offer hub and brake combos to fit virtually any 1 ton front spindle with 5 on 5.5 B.C.

We also offer replacement snouts for 1 ton and ranger applications. Our 2½ bolt on front snout uses our standard rear hub with many wheel pilot and bolt pattern options, 5 on 5.5, 6 on 5.5, and 5 on 135 mm and more.

For Trophy truck and special projects we offer hubs of special wheel flange.

Spacing and rotor placement based around our longer 2½ spindle. All Cone 2½ snouts front or rear have left and right hand threads. Popular bolt patterns are 5 on 5.5 or 6 on 6.5.


Cone Industries upper ball joint has 90 degrees of travel, twice that of O.E.M. models. Ball Joints are made out of quality materials through out and completely heat treated and are rebuild able. The pin has a 1-11/16 ball diameter and standard 7 degree taper comes complete with all hardware.


Cone Industries sway bars are available in any length and diameter on special order. Bars are fully machined and the splines are timed. The bars are heat treated and straightened and fully polished. The arms are C.N.C. machined out of 7075 material. Splines are timed, as is the bar for perfect alignment. All bushings and hardware are provided.


Cone Industries is capable of manufacturing any project you have in mind as time permits. We can produce any O.D. spline on Gear Hobbing equipment or internal splines with our inventory of broaches or wire E.D.M. These are just a few examples of our different projects.


Cone Industries produces 3 sizes of brand new forged one piece axles for the popular dwarf car and Scale car market. All axles have 4" of spline which can be cut off to fit almost any combination. The axles have two 4 on 4.5 B.C. patterns for press in 12 mm studs or thread in ½ - 20 studs. We have all popular axle bearings, seals, etc. Cone also offers both full and mini spools for the popular 8 and 10 bolt Toyota rear ends.
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